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Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks - Alphabetically: A-Z

These gorgeous fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks not only make a beautiful focal point in your kitchen, they are super easy to clean, can withstand heavy use, and won't scratch, stain, chip, fade, or rust. 

As the name implies, these sinks are made from kiln-fired clay. First, the fireclay sinks are shaped and formed and set out to dry. Once the sinks are dried, a porcelain enamel is applied. Then, the sinks are placed in a kiln and are super-heated to about 2000 degrees for around 20 hours. The enamel fuses with the clay becoming extremely durable fireclay.

Browse through our top-rated fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks from the brands you trust like Whitehaus and Kohler. With a selection like this, you’re sure to find a farmhouse sink to make that statement you’ve been dreaming of!