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Freight Delivery Requirements

Why do I need freight delivery?

A lot of the items listed in our store have a ship weight of 50-2,000 pounds. This is more than the normal USPS, UPS, and Fedex drivers can handle. In order to get your item to you, we may have to ship it with a freight carrier that is equipped to handle large and heavy shipments. These freight carriers use semi trucks anywhere from 20 feet to 53 feet long. offers free freight delivery on all orders over $100. (lift gate service is extra, see "Lift Gate Service" below for more details.)

How do I know if the freight carrier will deliver to me?

Unless you live on a mountain top, an island, or some extremely remote area with little access, a semi truck should be able to get to you. There are some exceptions though. Remember, these freight trucks are 20 feet - 53 feet long. They have to be able to get in, turn around and get out, or be able to go around the block. The driver must be able to park legally and safely on the street.

If you live on a cul-de-sac or dead end road, there's not much room for them to turn around. You will have to meet the driver before your cul-de-sac or dead end road to get your shipment and then you will be responsible for getting it to your house.

If you live in an area with low hanging power lines, narrow bridges, or low weight limits on roads, see if you can find a route that the carrier can safely take. If there isn't one, you'll have to make arrangements to pick up your shipment from your carrier's local service center.

**The carrier may charge you additional fees for remote and hard to reach addresses.

**If an item is shipped and returned by the carrier because it it not deliverable due to an incorrect address, the customer is responsible for shipping both ways. If the freight carrier cannot reach you prior to delivery, your shipment will be returned and you will be responsible for the shipping charges both ways according to our return policy.

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What if I need to change my delivery address?

Once the shipment has been created and sent out, the freight companies will charge a fee to change the delivery address. You as the customer will be responsible for this fee.

How do I know when I will get my shipment?

You will get a tracking number as soon as one becomes available to us so you can monitor your shipment's progress. Then when your shipment arrives at your carrier's local service center, they will call you to arrange a delivery day and give you a 4-5 hour time window. Deliveries occur during the week during regular business hours. 

Let the carrier know if you live on a cul-de-sac, dead end road, if they need to take a special route, or anything else they should know before driving out to you.

Note: If your shipment weighs around 150 pounds or less (shipping weights are listed on the product pages), you may want to arrange to have a couple able-bodied people with you to help you lift it down off the truck. Use your own judgement here, but just know that the heavier your shipment is, the more likely it is for someone to get hurt trying to lift it down, and for your shipment to be dropped and damaged.

Neither Showroom Sinks nor the freight carrier is responsible or accepts any liability for your decision.

If your shipment weighs more than you and a couple able-bodied people can lift, it is your responsibility to make arrangements on delivery day.

What happens on the day of delivery?

On the day of delivery, the driver will park at your curbside. Most carriers do not allow their drivers to drive or park on residential driveways or lawns due to liability reasons. (There's a possibility of damaging your property.) However, we have heard from customers that some drivers ask if they would like them to back up their driveway so they can unload closer to the house.

The driver will then move your shipment to the back of the truck. They are not required to help you get it down from the truck (the floor of the truck bed is usually about 4 feet off the ground), bring it to your house, or unpack it. If you will need help getting your heavy shipment down from the truck, see the section titled "Lift Gate Service" below.

Inspect your shipment

The driver will give you a delivery receipt to sign to confirm you received your entire shipment in good condition. Make sure the number of packages/pieces on the delivery receipt matches the number of packages/pieces you actually receive.

If something is missing, make a note of it on the delivery receipt before you sign it. Example: "Received 2 out of 3 pieces."

Email us immediately to let us know if you are missing something. We will contact the shipping company to locate the missing item(s) or have them replaced.

Important: It is your responsibility to inspect the packaging before the driver leaves. If the packaging appears to be damaged in any way (even if it appears minor), please inspect the merchandise inside and note the damage on the delivery receipt before you sign. This will aid in the return/replacement process.

Do not sign the delivery receipt without first inspecting the packaging. If your item(s) does arrive damaged, write "Damaged" near your signature on the delivery receipt. Please send photos of the damaged item and the damaged packaging to within 3 business days of receiving the shipment and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf.

Important: signing your delivery receipt without noting any damage legally states that you have received your freight in good condition. Leaving a note for the freight company to leave your package without a signature also legally states that you have received your freight in good condition.

Even if there doesn't appear to be any damage to the packaging, inspect your item(s) as soon as possible after the driver leaves. You have 3 days to email us at support@showroomsinks to report any damage.

Keep all packaging until you've determined whether or not a shipping insurance, damage, or warranty claim needs to be submitted. Discarding shipping materials or box contents waives your right to get your product replaced or repaired.

Lift Gate Service

If you don't have a loading dock, forklift, or any other means of getting your heavy shipment down from the truck (the floor of the truck bed is usually about 4 feet off the ground), you will need lift gate service. Not all trucks are equipped with lift gates.

A lift gate is just a hydraulic lift that is attached to the back of a truck that can lower freight to the ground.

To ensure your shipment arrives on a truck with a lift gate, select "Free Shipping + Lift Gate Service" at checkout. We charge a flat fee of $34 for lift gate service.

If you do not order lift gate service ahead of time, you risk your shipment showing up on a truck with no way to get it down. The carrier will charge you for re-delivery on a truck that is equipped with a lift gate and they will charge you for use of that lift gate. If you didn't order lift gate service and your shipment shows up on a truck equipped with a lift gate, the carrier may charge you for use of the lift gate (even if the driver says they won't).

Lift gate service only lowers your shipment from the truck to the ground. After that, you're left with your palleted shipment on the curbside.

All that being said, we do know there are some pretty awesome drivers out there who don't mind helping people out at delivery time. We have heard of several of them going above and beyond what is required to help our customers get the shipments up to their houses.

On the other hand, we have also heard of some drivers who won't lift a finger beyond the bare minimum of what is required.

So our advice is to be prepared and order the services that you need.